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REDUX Items[edit]

Preview Class Name Category Weapons Magazines Items Addons Features
dsr_item_engineblock Engine Block Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_gastank Gas Tank Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_glasspart Vehicle Glass Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_tire Tire Repair Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_spanner Spanner Wrench Tools dsr_items
dsr_item_saw Hand Saw Tools dsr_items
dsr_item_toolbox Old Toolbow Tools dsr_items
dsr_item_splint Splint Medical dsr_items
dsr_item_bandage Bandage Medical dsr_items
dsr_item_painkillers Pain Medication Medical dsr_items
dsr_item_peptobismol Pepy Bismol Medical dsr_items
dsr_item_bloodbag_empty Empty Bloodbag Medical dsr_items
dsr_item_bloodbag_full Full Bloodbag Medical dsr_items
dsr_item_syringe AntidoteSyringe Medical dsr_items
dsr_item_antibiotic Antibiotics Medical dsr_items
dsr_item_morphine Morphine Medical dsr_items
dsr_item_makeshift_bandage Makeshift Bandage Medical dsr_items
dsr_item_tuna Can of Tuna Food dsr_items
dsr_item_tuna_opened Can of Tuna OPENED Food dsr_items
dsr_item_ration Bar-Tac Ration Food dsr_items
dsr_item_bag_rice Bag of Rice Food dsr_items
dsr_item_mre MRE Food dsr_items
dsr_item_canchicken Canned Chicken Food dsr_items
dsr_item_canchicken_opened Canned Chicken OPENED Food dsr_items
dsr_item_canclams Canned Clams Food dsr_items
dsr_item_canclams_opened Canned Clams OPENED Food dsr_items
dsr_item_deviledham Deviled Ham Food dsr_items
dsr_item_driedbeans Dried Beans Food dsr_items
dsr_item_instantcoffee Instant Coffee Food dsr_items
dsr_item_fish_medium Medium Fish Food dsr_items
dsr_item_fish_medium_cooked Medium Fish COOKED Food dsr_items
dsr_item_fish_large Large Fish Food dsr_items
dsr_item_fish_large_cooked Large Fish COOKED Food dsr_items
dsr_item_beef Beef Food dsr_items
dsr_item_beef_cooked Beef COOKED Food dsr_items
dsr_item_redapple Red Apple Food dsr_items
dsr_item_pumpkin Pumpkin Food dsr_items
dsr_item_scrapmetal Scrap Metal Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_padlock Padlock Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_car_battery Car Battery Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_bricks Bricks Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_plastic_drum Plastic Drum Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_duct_tape Duct Tape Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_electrical_comp Electrical Components Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_hardware Hardware Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_seeds_potato Potato Seeds Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_seeds_tomato Tomato Seeds Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_seeds_peas Pea Seeds Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_seeds_lettuce Lettuce Seeds Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_seeds_corn Corn Seeds Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_seeds_watermelon Watermelon Seeds Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_fabric_scraps Fabric Scraps Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_stones Stones Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_leather Leather Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_fertilizer Fertilizer Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_feathers Feathers Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_logs Logs Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_lumber Lumber Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_plywood Plywood Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_seedpack Pack of Seeds Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_fishingrod_broken Broken Fishing Rod Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_wateringcan Watering Can Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_engineblock Engine Block Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_tarp Old Blue Tarp Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_sticks Sticks Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_gascan_small_full Small Gas Can FULL Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_gascan_small_empty Small Gas Can EMPTY Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_gascan_large_full Large Gas Can FULL Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_gascan_large_empty Large Gas Can EMPTY Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_main_rotor Helicopter Main Rotor Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_tail_rotor Helicopter Tail Rotor Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_bike_frame Bicycle Frame Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_bike_wheel Bicycle Wheel Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_bike_chain Bicycle Chain Materials dsr_items
dsr_item_portablelight_single Portable Light Tools dsr_items
dsr_item_portablelight_double Portable Light (double) Tools dsr_items
dsr_item_ziptie Ziptie Tools dsr_items
dsr_item_knife knife Tools dsr_items
dsr_item_watercan_empty Watercan EMPTY Tools dsr_items
dsr_item_watercan_full Watercan FULL Tools dsr_items
dsr_item_shears Shears Tools dsr_items
dsr_item_lighter Lighter Tools dsr_items
dsr_item_tire_repairkit Tire Repair Kit Tools dsr_items
dsr_item_sleeping_mat_roll Sleeping Mat Roll Tools dsr_items
dsr_item_scissor_jack Scissor Jack Tools dsr_items
dsr_item_cooking_pot Cooking Pot Tools dsr_items