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Redux Extension[edit]

Under Construction


To use the precompiled Extension you do not need to install any dependencies.

To compile the Extension you need following dependencies:

  • cmake [1]
  • libmysqlclient [2]
  • libpq [3] (future release)
  • boost [4]
  • pthreads (if using gcc/mingw)

To compile the Windows dll using Linux it is recommended to use MXE [5], the following lines contains all settings needed to be added to the to get an compiler with all dependencies.

  1. MXE_TARGETS := x86_64-w64-mingw32.static.posix i686-w64-mingw32.static.posix
  2. LOCAL_PKG_LIST := gcc libmysqlclient postgresql boost pthreads


  1. get the latest server files
  2. take my database description and add it to your mysql/mariadb
  3. create a custom format UUID [6], for example: 11e6e737fc9798d0984010bf48883ace
  4. take this uuid and create an entry in the worlds table with this UUID (the name of world an map can be anything)
INSERT INTO `world` (`uuid`, `name`, `map`) VALUES (CAST(0x11e6e737fc9798d0984010bf48883ace AS BINARY), 'testname', 'testmap')
  1. take the description.ext and add the generated UUID as DB_WorldUUID
  2. take the example config file of libredex.cfg and configure the database part according to your settings