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DesolationREDUX Mod[edit]

REDUX is a Total Conversion survival mod for Arma 3 currently in alpha testing. It is a large sandbox open world survival game utilizing all available terrains for Arma 3. REDUX is built off the Arma Plugin Management System which enables easy customization of servers by skilled and non skilled server owners. REDUX showcases the use of plugins in conjunction with the APMS to create a fully functional game mode.

The mod is dependency free, meaning it does not require the use of other mods to play. All weapons, vehicles, assets, code, and peripherals are all created by the DR team, and self contained inside the mod. Server owners can add other mods to REDUX to supplement assets if they choose. REDUX also supports the use of all official and community made terrains.




REDUX is a zombie survival mod with base building, crafting, and character progression. Survive through massive sandbox worlds where hundreds of zombies roam, bandits thrive, and friends are hard to come by. Players start off as survivors of the zombie apocalypse, only 4 years in. Finding valuable supplies will be tough, as others have already been scrounging for necessities for 4 years. Food, weapons, ammunition, and high value supplies will be hard to come by. REDUX adds in the ability to create their own resources utilizing our hunting, farming, and supply systems. The lone wolf can survive within the world of REDUX, but teamwork is the most valuable resource.

Building and Crafting[edit]

Using our Player Journal, players can craft everything from food and medical supplies to vehicles, walls, and buildings. REDUX uses an object physics system which, along with the Action Menu, enables players to move their objects in game as if they were carrying them themselves. Create a hidden cabin in the woods and try to stay hidden, or group together and great a large settlement with other players, grouping resources and using numbers for protection. There are many ways to build up a base, and many craftable objects to place inside. Farming plots, water catches, power generation, and more can be crafted and placed within your domicile.