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Vehicle repair in DesolationREDUX is more complex than most ArmA 3 mods. While the old style or repair from DayZ Mod is there, including replacing individual parts of the vehicle one at a time, there is also the option to repair and remove parts. Using the Advanced Action System, players can identify which parts on the vehicle are damaged, the level of damage (color coded) and decide the path they wish to take in dealing with the part.


To identify which parts are damanged, the player simply hits TAB and the action menu activates. The individual parts on the vehicle will be shown, and each will be color coded based on damage percent.

  • Green   Green parts health is between 75% and 100%
  • Orange  Orange parts health is between 50% and 74%
  • Red    Red parts health is between 0% and 49%
Repair icons.jpg


To Select a part, simply hover your view over that part until the text gets bigger. Once you have the large text, hit SPACE BAR. This will bring up the action menu with the appropriate actions for that part.

Repair menu.jpg


There are three options for vehicle parts. Chose the appropriate action by highlighting it and hitting SPACE BAR. If all conditions are met, the player will conduct the action on the vehicle part.

  • Repair    Use the repair option if you have the resources necessary for repairing that part. Repairing only increases the part health by a set percentage.
  • Replace  Use replace option if you have a full part you wish to add onto the vehicle. You are REPLACING one part with another, and must have that full part in your inventory.
  • Remove   Use this to remove specific parts from a vehicle. This will place the removed part on the ground next to the player. Not all parts are removable, and some parts have a percent chance of being destroyed in the removal process.